"Understanding Core Function for
Safe Exercise Movement"


General Overview:

Understanding core function is key to a safe and effective training session.

Understanding how your body stabilizes and supports your exercise movement is how you gain strength, mobility and balance. In this FREE session you will discover the areas of your body that need development and how to keep all your body mechanics working together.

Topics Include:

·         The muscles that make up the core.

  •  Why it is important to develop proper core strength.
  •  How the core is used to express power and strength through the range of motion.
  • Knowledge principles of training such as the relationship of frequency, duration, and intensity of training.
  • Understanding and recognizing signs of over-training.

Physical Exercise Training Modalities

  •   Free weight training
  •   Core body training
  •   Static training
  •   Calisthenics

Who Should Participate?

Individuals looking for a higher quality fitness experience and a better understanding of the mind and body connection.  

Class Schedule

Monday May 28th 6:30pm | Thursday May 31 6:30pm
Monday June 4th 6:30pm | Thursday June 7th 6:30pm

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Frederick Neal
ACE Certified Personal Trainer - T183205 | ACE Certified Health Coach - W50937
 ACE Fitness Nutrition Specialist - CEP50937
6th Dan Black Belt Chief Instructor of Academy of Martial Arts Studies

 Experienced - Certified - Insured

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